Losing weight: Low-fat diet products make losing weight difficult and promote body fat build-up

A lot of sugar in diet products leads to health problems
Nowadays most people pay attention to a healthy body weight. For this reason, many sufferers consume low-fat diet products. Researchers have now found that many of these diet foods are low in fat but high in sugar and can cause health problems. The increased sugar content also makes it difficult to lose weight.

The University of Georgia researchers found that low-fat diet products usually contain far too much sugar, making it difficult to lose weight. Consumers even build body fat more easily. The doctors released a press release on the results of their study.

Diet products can cause liver damage and brain inflammation
Many diet foods contain little fat but increased amounts of sugar. In their current study, the experts found that rats with such a low-fat but very sugary diet develop more body fat than rats with a balanced diet. The excess sugar in diet products can also cause problems such as liver damage and brain inflammation, the researchers explain.

Diet foods can lead to obesity
Most low-fat diet products contain an increased amount of sugar, doctors say. Such products give the impression that they are healthy for the human body. However, the reality is that these foods damage the liver and can also lead to obesity, explains author Professor Krzysztof Czaja from the University of Georgia.

Test animals were divided into three groups
The animals in the experiment were divided into different groups with different diets. These groups included: low-fat and sugary, low-fat and high in sugar, and a normal, balanced diet. The medical team examined how these forms of nutrition affected weight, fat content and health.

Drastic build-up of liver fat noted
Both groups with a high consumption of sugar had massively increased levels of liver fat, body weight and body fat. These values ​​were sometimes twice as high compared to the animals in the balanced group. The build-up of liver fat is particularly alarming because it causes the same amount of damage as alcoholics, the researchers emphasize.

An unbalanced diet leads to chronic swelling in the intestine
The unbalanced diet also caused chronic swelling in the gut and brain. The additional pressure on the brain caused damage that hinders the so-called intestine-brain communication line, the scientists explain. This line of communication usually gives us the feeling of a full stomach.

The damage found seems to be long-term
The researchers suspect that the brain changes that resulted from the unbalanced diet could be of a long-term nature. It is not yet known whether the effects that occur can be reversed through a balanced diet.

Low-fat diet leads to a significantly increased production of body fat
What is really worrying about the results found was the drastically increased production of body fat in the rats on a low-fat diet, the experts say. These animals did not actually consume significantly more calories than the rats with a balanced diet. But they needed less than half the calories to build up the same amount of body fat, the authors explain. In other words, body fat production was twice as high. The animals gained weight and body fat much more easily when consuming the low-fat diet products. The resulting increased fat deposits on the liver then in turn lead to serious health problems, such as an increased risk of dangerous liver diseases. (as)

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