Breakfast cereals and ready-made sauces are big sugar bombs

Breakfast cereals and ready-made sauces are big sugar bombs

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Cereals, ready-made sauces and the like: there is so much sugar in the products
Obesity, diabetes, tooth decay: the frequent consumption of sugar poses a lot of health risks. With many foods, however, it is often not so easy to see how much of the sweetener is in them. Hidden sugar is found in many foods. The Stiftung Warentest is now presenting some of the sugar bombs - and pointing out how they can be defused.

High sugar consumption makes you sick
Health experts keep warning: Avoid consuming too much sugar. When consumed frequently, the sweetener can lead to enormous health problems such as tooth decay, obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes. Nevertheless, a German consumes an average of 29 pieces of sugar cubes per day. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers only around half to be tolerable.

Hidden sugar in finished products
Consumers only pour about an eighth of this sugar into coffee, cake and pudding, and the vast majority of the sweeteners don't see it. Because sugar is added to many finished products, which is often not easy for consumers to discover.

The Stiftung Warentest took a look at 60 sweetened ready-to-eat foods from the area of ​​breakfast cereals, dairy products, ready-made sauces and soft drinks and presents the results in its current magazine "test" (edition 5/2017).

Among other things, the experts took a closer look at 15 breakfast cereals. Due to the pictures of ears of corn and the advertising of whole grains, these often look like healthy cereals.

Advertising targeted at children
But far from it. These child-friendly products - in some cases with funny cartoon characters on the pack - contain large amounts of sugar.

"Kellog’s smacks are a sugar bomb with 43 percent. If a primary school student breakfasts 60 grams, he already has more sugar than the WHO ideally recommends for the whole day, ”the experts report on their website.

The testers point to a better alternative: a self-mixed muesli made from oat flakes and dried fruit, which also contain a lot of fructose, but scores with valuable fiber. Cereals and mueslis without added sugar are also available.

Better use natural milk products
Dairy products such as yogurt also often cannot do without added sugar. Of the 15 products examined, many contained four sugar cubes per beaker. Natural sugar from milk and fruits had already been excluded.

A few years ago, a study by the University of Hohenheim also found that numerous fruit yoghurts are huge sugar bombs.

The Stiftung Warentest has a tip ready: "Eat milk products as naturally as possible." The yoghurts can be refined with a little jam or even better with nuts and fruit.

Three pieces of sugar cubes per tablespoon of ready-made sauce
Ready-made sauces were also on the testers' shopping list. This showed that some of the barbecue sauces have three sugar cubes per tablespoon of sauce. With ketchup, there are still one and a half cubes.

Here, too, the experts have a recommendation to reduce the sugar content of the finished dips and sauces: by stretching them, for example with plain yoghurt or mashed tomatoes.

The soft drinks examined showed that a 0.5 liter bottle could contain up to 17 sugar cubes. Here, too, the fructose from fruit and juice had already been excluded.

Children and young people in particular consume a lot of the sweet lemonades. Such soft drinks are often the cause of obesity.

Sugar can be saved with sweetener-sweetened variants, but mineral or drinking water are the better thirst quenchers. (ad)

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