Extreme overweight: Eight-month-old baby now weighs over 17 kilograms

Extreme overweight: Eight-month-old baby now weighs over 17 kilograms

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Baby weighs 17 kilos due to extreme nutrition - parents feel innocent
An eight month old baby in India already weighs more than 17 kilograms. The parents who feed their offspring with tons of food don't feel guilty about their daughter's extreme excess weight. The little girl is suffering from obesity.

Eight month old baby weighs over 17 pounds
Health experts say the number of children with obesity has increased dramatically in many countries. For example, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a report last year that at least 41 million young children are far too fat. Even in poor countries, where many are hungry, children are sometimes provided with too much food. So is an eight-month-old girl in India who already weighs more than 17 kilos.

Child's weight increases every day
According to a report by the British newspaper "The Sun", Chahat Kumar from the Indian province of Punjab, who is now eight months old, was born with an average weight.

However, when the girl was four months old, she grew fatter and fatter. "Your weight is increasing day by day," said her father, Suraj Kumar (23), according to the paper.

Now the little girl weighs over 17 kilos - as much as an average four-year-old child.

The parents are at a loss and are concerned about the health of their child. Reena, 21, said, “Before Chahat, we had a son who died, and then Chahat was born. I am concerned about your health. "

Parents feel innocent
She said, "She doesn't eat like a normal child. She eats all the time. If we don’t give her anything to eat, she’ll start crying. ”

According to the mother, they could hardly carry the girl around because of the weight and only take her to nearby places.

However, parents believe that their child's insatiable appetite and extreme overweight are not their fault. "God gave her this state. It is not in our hands. "

Being overweight is a health hazard
Being overweight can lead to a variety of diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Signs of heart disease can also be seen in obese children.

With the small chahat, being overweight leads to health problems such as shortness of breath and sleep problems.

According to Vasudev Sharma, the family's local doctor, the girl could not even be tested for blood: “We have tried many times. Your skin is so hard that we cannot diagnose its condition. "

Dr. Sharma referred the family to a hospital in Amritsar, but the parents could not afford treatment for their daughter there. However, the doctor is certain: "Your weight increases excessively and it has to be checked."

"She has to eat less. She eats like a 10 year old child. ”(Ad)

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