Developed test for prostate cancer makes many prostate biopsy avoidable

Developed test for prostate cancer makes many prostate biopsy avoidable

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Doctors are looking for new tests to detect prostate cancer
A prostate biopsy is an extremely uncomfortable event for the men concerned. The usual procedure requires removal of tissue from the prostate. Researchers have now identified the molecules that are responsible for the smell of prostate cancer. A newly developed process is able to determine this smell. This could prevent unpleasant prostate biopsies in the future.

The researchers at Indiana University were able to find special molecules during an investigation that are responsible for the smell of prostate cancer. A newly developed test can find these molecules and thus save many men from having a prostate biopsy. The doctors published the results of their study at this year's National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

Can a sensor smell prostate cancer?
The idea for this project started with a study that was published in 2014. This investigation had shown that trained dogs could sniff prostate cancer with an accuracy of more than 97 percent, explains author Dr. Mangilal Agarwal from the Integrated Nanosystems Development Institute at Indiana University. The research team has been working on a sensor for some time that can detect hypoglycemia based on a person's breath.

Early detection is crucial in prostate cancer
If dogs can smell prostate cancer, we should also be able to do it, says researcher Dr. Amanda Siegel. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. Early detection is crucial to save the lives of many men with prostate cancer, the experts explain. The screening test now used assesses the so-called PSA values ​​in a blood sample. This test then determines whether a biopsy needs to be done or not.

Many biopsies are unnecessary
The prostate gland usually produces a certain protein in small amounts, but elevated levels can indicate many different conditions, including prostate cancer, the experts explain. The result of the test is often misinterpreted and this often leads to unnecessary biopsies. Currently, about 60 percent of men who get a prostate cancer biopsy shouldn't actually have to endure such a test, the authors explain in the Forbes business magazine.

Risk factors for prostate cancer that you should definitely consider:
- The age of prostate cancer increases with age
- Family history diseases
- Large people are more likely to develop prostate cancer
- Black-skinned men are at increased risk
- Obesity is a risk factor for prostate cancer
- Certain previous cancers increase the risk of prostate cancer

Unnecessary interventions can be avoided with a new test
We hope that our research will help doctors and patients make more informed decisions about whether to do a biopsy, the researchers say. Hopefully, this will help prevent unauthorized interventions.

Experts examined 100 urine samples from men with prostate biopsy
For their examination, the doctors collected urine samples from 100 men who underwent a prostate biopsy. In order to avoid problems that similar studies had with sample degradation, the team of Dr. Agarwal a special preprocessing step. They added sodium chloride and neutralized the acid. The scientists explain that this should ensure that the samples would remain intact during the analysis.

Doctors discover molecules that were 90 percent of prostate cancer
The researchers then used so-called gas chromatography mass spectrometry to determine the volatile organic compounds. Using this method, the researchers identified a small set of molecules that appeared in 90 percent of samples from prostate cancer patients.

More research is needed
The team next plans to conduct extensive tests at several health centers to validate their results. With a dog trainer, the results of the test should also be compared with the results of trained dogs. The researchers said that their test could be available to patients and doctors over the next few years. (as)

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