Milestone: For the first time, more water was drunk than unhealthy cola

Milestone: For the first time, more water was drunk than unhealthy cola

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Drinking more water than cola: USA goes european
A milestone has been reached. In 2016, the Americans drank more water than sweet soft drinks like cola for the first time. This has been shown by an evaluation of the market research company »Beverage Marketing Corporation».

Just a few decades ago, it was unthinkable in the United States that citizens spend money on bottled water that flows freely from the tap at home. Now consumption is continuously increasing. In 2016, Americans drank an average of 149 liters of water, while the consumption of soft drinks was 146 liters. For comparison: ten years ago there were still over 190 liters of sweet lemonade and 104 liters of water. Presumably, awareness of the harmful effects of soft drinks that are either high in calories or artificial sweeteners has increased in recent years. In addition, the drinking water quality leaves something to be desired in some regions.

What resembles a sensation in the USA has long been commonplace in Germany. Mineral water has been the most popular cold drink in Germany for many years. Last year, every citizen drank an average of just under 149 liters of mineral and medicinal water, reports the Association of German Mineral Wells. In addition, there were 3.9 liters of spring and table water. The consumption of soft drinks declined slightly and in 2016 was 116 liters per capita according to preliminary calculations by the non-alcoholic beverages association. Heike Kreutz, respectively

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