Children of older mothers less often with social and emotional problems

Children of older mothers less often with social and emotional problems

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What are the benefits of the children of older mothers?
Many women try to have children at a young age, but pregnancy in later life can be beneficial for both mother and child in the long run. Danish researchers have now found that the children of older mothers are better adapted to later life. Affected children are less likely to have social and emotional problems.

The researchers at Aarhus University found that older mothers are more likely to have well-adjusted and educated children than children of young mothers. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "European Journal of Developmental Psychology".

Older mothers criticize and punish their children less
The Danish experts monitored a total of 4,741 mothers for their study. These were all part of the so-called Danish “Longitudinal Survey of Children”. The children of these mothers were examined and evaluated again at the ages of seven, eleven and 15 years. As soon as the data was evaluated, it was clear that older mothers, for example, criticize and scold their children less often, the researchers report. Such children generally have fewer social and emotional problems and are also happier, the experts say. The effects seemed to last at least until the age of 15.

Social and language development is better in children of older mothers
Doctors also found that language acquisition and social development in affected children improve as the mother's age increases. This finding was independent of factors such as background, education and finance, the scientists add.

Raising older mothers contributes to a positive psychosocial environment
The results were partly explained by the fact that older women tend to be more fluid and confident. People generally become mentally flexible and tolerant towards other people with increasing age, explains author Professor Dion Sommer. The increased psychological maturity of older women could explain why older mothers are less likely to criticize their children and less disciplined them physically. This type of education can thus contribute to a positive psychosocial environment, which then influences the upbringing of the children, the expert adds.

Another study examines brain performance in babies of middle-aged women
A few months ago there was an independent report from the American Geriatrics Society, which says that babies from older mothers have increased brain performance. In this study, the researchers examined 830 middle-aged women. So they wanted to find out whether there is a connection between babies of older women and improved cognitive skills.

Increased brain performance due to increased hormones during pregnancy?
The reason for the observed effect of the increased brain performance in babies is probably the increase in hormones during pregnancy. The scientists suspect that this could influence brain chemistry and the functions of the brain. (as)

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