Experts: Jogger phimosis is rare but very painful

Experts: Jogger phimosis is rare but very painful

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Why to watch out for jogging
Jogging is very popular again in spring and summer. In addition to muscle building and weight regulation, the endurance run also has many other health-promoting effects: it strengthens the heart, promotes blood circulation, clears the head, relieves stress and thus keeps you fit and healthy. Nevertheless, there are also health risks. In women who already suffer from incontinence, it can strain the pelvic floor, making the disease worse. Men, on the other hand, should pay attention to the right clothing. Otherwise, jogger phimosis can occur, a rare but extremely joking illness.

Basically, jogging is very healthy. "By increasing blood flow to the vessels and preventing obesity, jogging prevents impotence in men," explains Dr. Reinhold Schaefer, urologist and managing director of Uro-GmbH Nordrhein. Even though fatigue, erectile dysfunction and increasing belly fat have crept into everyday life in the middle of life, jogging is good for you. Because testosterone deficiency is also responsible for these male menopause. The only way to increase testosterone naturally is to increase physical activity and eat a healthy diet.

But when it comes to endurance running, it is important to choose the right sportswear. Otherwise there may be friction and irritation in the genital area. Jogger phimosis is what urologists call the disease, which only occurs in isolated cases, but is extremely painful. “It is primarily caused by nylon pants because the fabric rubs against the skin. The foreskin becomes inflamed, swells and the glans narrows. “Therefore, men should prefer cotton clothing.

Women don't bother with such problems. However, you should note that sports in which you jump or jump or that cause vibrations put a strain on the pelvic floor. This also includes jogging. Sometimes incontinence is initially only seen in sports: "Women notice incontinence when urine suddenly goes off uncontrollably while running or jumping," explains Dr. Shepherd. "Exercise can even promote incontinence, because even a trained woman can develop bladder weakness." However, if you want to continue exercising your beloved sport, you should see a urologist to determine the severity of the disease. He also assesses whether jogging is possible in reasonable doses. In addition, women have to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles through targeted training. Well-cushioned footwear also helps because it absorbs vibrations. (pm)

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