Research: Why most vegetables should not be peeled

Research: Why most vegetables should not be peeled

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Health reasons: Better not peel vegetables
Experts repeatedly point out how important it is to eat vegetables regularly. Before consumption, however, it should always be washed thoroughly to rinse off harmful germs. It is controversial whether the respective types of vegetables should also be peeled. An expert from the United States advises against this.

Health benefits of plant-based foods
Health experts recommend eating at least five servings of fruit and vegetables a day, some even think ten servings would be even better. This provides your body with important vitamins and minerals and protects you from diseases. In addition, certain plant substances contained in it can help you lose weight. However, the positive effects of consumption are reduced when peeling vegetables. Because there are usually many important nutrients in the shell.

Wash fruits and vegetables before eating
Since it is repeatedly found that fruit and vegetables are contaminated with pesticides, some people assume that it would be better to peel such foods.

However, if the respective products are contaminated with chemicals, the substances are often found in the entire plant, which is why peeling is not useful in this regard. In order to rule out pesticide residues as far as possible, it is best to use organic goods.

In addition, fruits and vegetables should be washed off well with water and brushed if necessary.

Nutrients in the shell
However, some people don't peel the vegetables out of concern about chemical pollution, but because they prefer it or learned it from an early age.

An example of vegetables that are often peeled are cucumbers. But the dark green shell contains a lot of valuable antioxidants and a lot of vitamin K.

In a report in the "Daily Mail", nutrition expert Mary Jane Detroyer from New York explains that the peel of many vegetables contains more nutrients than the rest of the vegetables.

Like cucumbers, peppers, zucchini and many other varieties, fresh carrots can also be eaten unpeeled.

Potatoes - peeling or not?
Opinions differ on potatoes. For example, experts point out that, for example, new potatoes do not have to be peeled.

However, the website of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection states that generally no potato peel should be consumed.

The Federal Institute for Potato Research recommends this. In addition to the occurrence of solanine, the treatment of potatoes with germ or mold inhibitors after harvest is another reason.

Detroyer points out the important components. There is a lot of iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C in the skin of the potato.

“When people make mashed potatoes, they often think they have to peel potatoes. But you can simply cook them and mix them with the rest of the puree, ”says the nutritionist.

Half of the food intake should be plant-based
Detroyer stressed the importance of antioxidants in the skin of vegetables. These fight against free radicals, which can cause damage to the body.

Among other things, vitamins C and E - which are found in many vegetables - protect against the destructive effects of free radicals.

There is usually more fiber in the bowl than in the vegetables themselves. The more colorful the bowl, the better.

The nutritionist revealed that she also has no problem with vegetables that have a hard shell: “When I fry an eggplant, I fry it with the skin. Or when I cook a butternut squash, I cook it with the skin. "

According to Detroyer, 50 percent of daily food intake should consist of plant-based foods. (ad)

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