Healthy grapefruit or grapefruit: what's the difference?

Healthy grapefruit or grapefruit: what's the difference?

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Grapefruit is often referred to as grapefruit. Grapefruit is its own kind, while grapefruit is a natural cross between orange and grapefruit. There are also some differences in shape, color and size. Both fruits are rich in vitamin C and have a sweet-sourish to sweet taste with a more or less pronounced bitter note. The grapefruit has its home in tropical Thailand and Malaysia and is the largest of all citrus fruits.

It reaches a weight of up to 2 kg and a diameter of up to 30 cm. It is usually referred to as "pomelo", with the "honey pomelo" from China being particularly well known. Grapefruits are round, flattened or pear-shaped. The bowl can be smooth, but also finely nubbed. The color varies from greenish yellow, light yellow to yellow-orange with oil cells that are visible as green dots.

In contrast, grapefruit was discovered on the island of Barbados as a cross between orange and grapefruit in the early 18th century. The exotic fruit thrives in hot deserts, but also in humid tropics. The name grapefruit means "grape fruit" because the fruit hangs in dense clusters on an evergreen tree. With a weight of 150 g to 450 g, grapefruits are significantly lighter and also smaller than grapefruits and have a more rounded shape. Their skin is smooth and colored light yellow to reddish yellow.

Grapefruits are often eaten for breakfast - just cut them in half, separate the segments and spoon them out. The grapefruit, on the other hand, has to be peeled, which is more or less difficult depending on the variety. Then you break apart the individual segments, remove the bitter skins and put pieces of it in the fruit salad.

Anyone who eats grapefruit or drinks the juice and takes medication should discuss this with the doctor. Because the bitter substances can influence the action of drugs. Heike Kreutz, respectively

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