Doctors remove live cockroaches from a patient's head during surgery

Doctors remove live cockroaches from a patient's head during surgery

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Woman had big live cockroach in her head
In India, doctors removed a large live cockroach from a woman's head. Previously, other medical professionals had not recognized the problem of 42-year-old domestic workers. Among other things, they said that skin growth in the nose was responsible for the nightly headache between the eyes.

Large live cockroach in the head
For some people who have already seen how big insects get there on vacation in Asia, the stomach will turn in history: According to a report by the Indian newspaper "New Indian Express", doctors have a woman in Chennai (India) large live cockroach removed from the head. The 42-year-old had previously had a stinging headache between the eyes. Only the third doctor she saw found out what caused the symptoms.

Only the third doctor found the cause
According to the newspaper report, 42-year-old Selvi went to bed early after a hard day's work, but then woke up at midnight with a “strange feeling”. Having noticed that an insect had crawled into her nose, she went to a clinic.

There she was examined with a flashlight, the doctor told her there was nothing he could do for her. At the next facility, the woman was told that her symptoms came from a skin growth in the nose.

Only at the third attempt, in the "Government Stanley Medical College Hospital" in Chennai on the east coast of India, did the doctors find the real reason for the stinging sensation between their eyes with the help of a nasal endoscopy.

The doctors had never seen anything like it
According to the information, the live cockroach on the base of the skull, between the eyes, was close to the brain. "This is the first case I've seen in my three decades of professional practice," said Dr. M N Shankar, head of the ENT department in the hospital.

Selvi, who works as a domestic worker, said she received the recommendation for this clinic from her employer.

She told the New Indian Express, "I couldn't explain the feeling, but I was sure it was some insect. It was a tingling, creeping feeling. Whenever it moved I had a burning sensation in my eyes. I spent the whole night feeling uncomfortable, sitting around waiting for the morning to go to Stanley Hospital ”.

The patient could have developed an inflammation in the brain
According to their own statements, the doctors there had often been confronted with maggots or houseflies in their nostrils, but when they found the living cockroach in their skulls, they too were shocked.

The insect “sat in the base of the skull, between the two eyes, near the brain. If it had stayed inside, it would have died and the patient would have developed an infection that would have spread to the brain, ”said Dr. Shankar.

According to the newspaper report, the doctors removed the cockroach with tweezers and a suction cup. "It was difficult to remove because it was so inconvenient," said the doctor. "I first had to drag her to a place where I could pull her out. After 45 minutes it was finally removed ”.

Tapeworm in the intestine and maggot in the ear
It happens every now and then that there are animals living in the human body. It was reported only a few days ago that doctors - also in India - took a tapeworm almost two meters long from a man's mouth. The parasite was in the patient's intestine.

The case of a woman from Taiwan also reached the international media. There were live maggots in her ear that had spread behind the hearing aid. (ad)

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