Healthy nutrition: how clementines and tangerines differ

Healthy nutrition: how clementines and tangerines differ

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Clementines and tangerines are tasty and healthy - what makes them different
In order to get through the winter without a cold if possible, you should strengthen your immune system. Delicious citrus fruits such as clementines or tangerines are ideal for this. What is the difference between the small, round and orange fruits?

Citrus fruits in winter
Mandarins and clementines are popular citrus fruits, especially in the winter months when vitamin C intake is particularly important. Externally, the two can hardly be distinguished. The differences are mainly in taste. "Mandarins have a juicy, aromatic pulp" and are sometimes a little sour, explains Sabine Hülsmann from the Bavarian Consumer Center in a recent message.

Clementines are mostly seedless
For children who react to fruit with sentences like "I don't like kernels", clementines are the better choice. Because, unlike mandarins, they are mostly seedless.

The small, orange-colored fruits are extremely healthy. They promote blood clotting and stimulate the metabolism. And they are a valuable source of energy. According to the consumer information service aid, the vitamin C content of a tangerine covers “43 percent of the daily requirement of an adult”.

Wash hands after peeling
As the Consumer Center Bavaria explains, the clementine is a cross between mandarin and bitter orange. Their skin is a little thinner, the sweet flesh is sometimes less aromatic, but mostly seedless.

"If cross-pollination by mandarins occurs during flowering, clementine seeds may also contain kernels," says Sabine Hülsmann.

As with all citrus fruits, it is also recommended for tangerines and clementines to wash their hands immediately after peeling. "This removes adhering residues of peel treatment agents," explains the nutrition expert. Organic fruits can do without these aids. (ad)

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