Psyche: regular visits to the pub with friends promote health

Psyche: regular visits to the pub with friends promote health

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Two bar visits with friends a week make men healthier
Men who meet friends twice a week are healthier, less prone to depression, and they tend to be nicer. This is the result of a new study from Great Britain. The joint meetings can also be visits to bars.

Friendships serve health
It has long been known that loneliness harms health and friendships are good for the mind and body. British researchers reported last year that a healthy group of friends can protect against depression. Even virtual contacts seem to have positive effects. Just a few weeks ago, US scientists reported in the National Academy of Science that many Facebook friends are increasing life expectancy. But meeting friends is obviously much healthier, even if it involves going to the pub together.

Friendlier through regular visits to the pub
A new study from the UK showed that men who do something with their friends twice a week are healthier, recover faster from illness, are less prone to depression, and tend to be friendlier.

According to the researchers at Oxford University, the activities can be about sports or drinking beer together in the pub, reports the "University Herald".

Study was funded by brewery
However, the study, led by Robin Dunbar, a renowned Oxford professor of developmental psychology, should be treated with caution: according to media reports, it was funded by the Guinness brewery.

According to the information, the health benefits come from the strong bond that men build to each other at such a personal meeting. As stated in a report by "Medical Daily", this bond ensures that the feeling of happiness increases and the level of stress decreases, while at the same time the self-esteem increases. This affects physical health.

No positive effect with virtual contacts
What is done at the meetings is therefore of secondary importance. "The bond can be created through a variety of activities, from sport together to the usual chats among men - or simply by drinking a beer with your buddies on Friday evening," says Professor Dunbar, according to the "Daily Mail".

It is only important that the men spend at least twice a week with their friends, have personal contact and that the group comprises a maximum of five people.

The exchange via online interactions such as social media, phone calls or SMS do not have the same effect as face-to-face meetings.

Friendships enrich life
"When men meet with their friends more often, their friendships become stronger, which enriches their lives," said Stephen O’Kelly of the Guinness Brewery to the Daily Mail.

According to the newspaper, British author and comedian Danny Wallace said of the study results: "This is good news, we have to obey science." (Ad)

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