Not just for Christmas: How to avoid wasting food

Not just for Christmas: How to avoid wasting food

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Expert tips: This is how food waste can be avoided
Millions of tons of food end up in the trash every year. Especially on Christmas days, there is often a lot more food on the table than is necessary. Experts have valuable tips on how to reduce food waste.

Germans throw away eleven million tons of food every year
According to a report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the United Nations Environment Program, much of the world's food is thrown away. Around eleven million tons of food are thrown away in Germany every year. This is the result of a study by the University of Stuttgart, reports the initiative "Too good for the bin!" From the Federal Ministry of Food. Especially at Christmas there is often more food on the table than the holiday guests can eat. Experts give tips on how to avoid wasting food.

Good planning is essential
When preparing the festive menu, the key question is how much the guests eat at all. In a message from the dpa news agency, Frank Waskow from the North Rhine-Westphalia Consumer Agency explains that, especially when it comes to buffets, people often forget that “you move completely outside the portions and that something is left over in the end”.

"When planning, stick to the average amount per person of a total of around 800 grams of food," the consumer center writes on its website.

"Raw food lovers, vegetarians, meat fans? Think about the different preferences and do not plan too much meat. Even with a 2-course meal, 125 grams of meat per person are enough, ”it continues.

So that the guests get full and no leftovers are left
The right portion sizes can be found more easily with a portion planner from the consumer advice center. For this purpose, there is a party planner from the "Too Good for the Bin" initiative, which can be used to calculate the amount of food "so that the guests get full and still no leftovers".

This is how the festive meal succeeds
Furthermore, there are also some tips against cooking breakdowns so that the festive meal does not have to be thrown away after the cook makes small mistakes.

For example, salted dishes can be stretched with cream, water or wine. And burned areas could be cut off, excess fat can be skimmed off.

Freeze leftovers if necessary
However, if there is something left over despite the good planning, you should put leftovers as soon as they get cold in the fridge, recommends consumer protector Waskow.

According to "Too good for the bin", meat can be eaten for up to three days when stored cool, and cooked fish and side dishes remain for two days. If it is foreseeable that the leftovers will not be used during this time, there is still the freezer compartment.

Frozen food lasts for several months at minus 18 degrees. It is also not necessary to consume the entire remaining amount at once, because thawed food can be frozen again. (ad)

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