Many vomiting diarrhea: Unexpectedly drastic start of the norovirus period in Germany

Many vomiting diarrhea: Unexpectedly drastic start of the norovirus period in Germany

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Contagious vomiting diarrhea: Norovirus season starts very early and violently this year
Diarrhea, nausea, gushing vomiting: quite a few people have been infected with noroviruses in the past few weeks. According to the Robert Koch Institute, this year's norovirus season started much earlier than in previous years. There are ways to protect yourself from infection.

This year's norovirus season started early
In the past few weeks, an unusually high spread of norovirus infections has been found in various regions of Germany. The gastrointestinal infections cause severe complaints such as diarrhea, vomiting and considerable loss of fluid. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), this year's norovirus season started much earlier and more violently than in previous years.

Over 14,500 cases in November
As can be seen from the current RKI epidemiological bulletin, a total of more than 14,500 confirmed cases of highly contagious vomiting diarrhea were registered nationwide in November, while between 6,131 and 10,884 were transmitted in the same period of the previous five years.

“Years or seasons with an early increase and exceptionally high number of cases have often been accompanied by the appearance of a new norovirus genotype in the past,” write the experts.

A new virus subtype could also be responsible for the increasing number of reports this year. But "the data situation is not yet sufficient for a final assessment and a forecast of the course of the norovirus season".

Diseases are common in community facilities
Noroviruses are highly contagious. According to health experts, the disease usually breaks out quickly after infection, usually between six hours and two to a maximum of three days.

Due to the high infectiousness, the diseases are mostly found in community facilities such as kindergartens, schools, old people's and nursing homes and hospitals. Young children and the elderly are particularly badly affected.

In most cases, noroviruses are spread from person to person via a smear infection, either through direct contact with the sick or indirectly through soiled surfaces with which a sick person has had contact. These can be storage areas, door handles or sinks, for example. The viruses can easily get into your mouth by hand.

How to protect yourself
In order to prevent infection with the dangerous noroviruses, particular care must be taken to ensure proper hygiene. The most effective protection against infection is frequent and careful hand washing.

Each towel should only be used by one person. In addition, surfaces in the household should be cleaned regularly and the cleaning cloths used should only be used once if possible.

Infected people should avoid crowds of people, stay at home and cure the disease. (ad)

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