Cookies and Christmas goose: reduce excess calories so quickly

Cookies and Christmas goose: reduce excess calories so quickly

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Christmas delights: how to get rid of excess calories quickly
Gingerbread, stollen, mulled wine, eggnog: When walking through the Christmas market, it is really not easy to resist the delicious delights. Unfortunately, the feasts also contain many calories. So that the pre-Christmas period is not reflected in unwanted love handles, you should take countermeasures in good time.

High-calorie dishes at Christmas time
Low-calorie winter dishes are few and far between. Christmas stollen, mulled wine, Christmas goose and baked apples: Heavy food is more of a tradition in the cold season. Some people may think that the body can tolerate more calories anyway in cold and frost. But the high-calorie dishes at Christmas time often ensure high cholesterol and blood fat levels as well as extra pounds.

The delicious fragrance seduces you to feast
Holding back on the delicacies is a good resolution, but it is usually quickly pushed aside when you visit the Christmas market. The scent of the specialties simply seduces you to feast. And then they are there quickly: the unwanted curves on the hips.

Repentance is of little help. Christina Esser, nutrition and fitness expert of the German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) explains in a message from the dpa news agency what can help to get rid of excess calories.

Eat more water
You should just eat more water. That sounds strange, but it's true. "If we select foods that have a very high water content, we will saturate ourselves with a very low calorie density," explains Esser.

"Vegetables, fruit, natural yoghurt and Co. even provide us with many vitamins and nutrients at the same time," says the expert.

Plant substances help you lose weight
A daily consumption of five servings of vegetables and fruit can result in a negative energy balance.

In addition, certain fruit and vegetable words such as apples, pears, blueberries, strawberries and radishes contain certain plant substances that can help you lose weight, as British scientists have found.

Whole grains also help fight weight gain. “These act like a sponge in the stomach, which means they absorb water, which adds weight and volume to the food,” explains Esser. "It fills you up earlier and we absorb fewer calories."

Body does not stop at the muscles
However, the fitness expert also urges caution. The fat is supposed to melt, but the body does not stop at the muscles when it needs energy.

“To protect our muscles, we need protein. Proteins require a particularly pronounced saturation. And that's what we want: be full and lose weight at the same time, ”says Esser, according to dpa.

Other experts also emphasize time and again that protein-containing foods can help with healthy weight loss. However, the speed at which we lose weight is also important. If the daily amount of calories is restricted too much, there is a risk of health problems.

Sport plays an important role in weight loss
Protein alone is not enough for the muscles. “With strength training, we can also save our muscles from breaking down. And not only that: the afterburn effect during strength training puts us very well into the cards, ”explains the DHfPG expert.

However, one thing should be noted here: "Whether it is a workout in the gym or training with your own body weight - it is important to increase the training intensity regularly, otherwise you will not be successful. And it’s even better because the mix is ​​what matters. A combination of strength and endurance training optimizes the result, ”says Esser.

Studies show that the sport is an important contribution to losing weight, which the DHfPG reports on its website.

There it says: "However, if it is a matter of a health-promoting weight reduction through a positive influence on the body composition, which should also be stabilized in the long term, then physical activity or sport in addition to a calorie-reduced diet plays an important role." (Ad)

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