Yeast Candida auris: Noticeable many deaths due to a fungal disease

Yeast Candida auris: Noticeable many deaths due to a fungal disease

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Over a dozen cases of fatal fungal disease have been recorded
Fungal infections are mostly associated with the skin or toenails and toenails. But there are also more serious fungal diseases, including Candida auris. Several deaths have now been linked to the yeast in the United States.

Fatal fungal disease
In the United States, 13 cases of sometimes fatal fungal disease caused by Candida auris have been registered for the first time. According to the US health agency CDC, four infected US patients have died. However, it was pointed out that the exact cause of death is still unclear. According to the information, the dangerous yeast can be detected in the ear or urine of those infected.

Stop the spread of the drug-resistant fungus
If Candida auris enters the bloodstream, the infection that often occurs in hospitals and other health care facilities can be life-threatening. CDC director Tom Frieden said in a press release: "We must act now to better understand, control and stop the spread of this drug-resistant fungus."

Millions killed by fungal infections
Candida auris was first detected in a patient in Japan in 2009. But now the mushroom has also been found in numerous other countries. "It appears that C. auris has only arrived in the United States in recent years," said Tom Chiller of the CDC.

According to the health agency report, 71 percent of the samples taken from US patients had shown drug resistance, making treatment difficult.

Scottish researchers published a study years ago that concluded that fungal infections kill millions worldwide each year, when experts pointed out that fungal infections were often promoted by immunodeficiency and medication. (ad)

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