Frequently harmful fragrance in hand creams: testicles shrunk by cream

Frequently harmful fragrance in hand creams: testicles shrunk by cream

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Impaired reproduction: Öko-Test finds controversial fragrance in hand creams
Usually hand creams pose no health risk. Rather, they protect us from rough hands. However, the consumer protection magazine “Ökotest” made an amazing discovery. Among other things, the controversial fragrance Lilial is often used, which, according to the testers, is said to impair reproduction.

Lily-of-the-valley fragrant fabric is not harmless
Especially in the colder months, hand creams are a good remedy for dry hands. In a current test by the consumer magazine "Öko-Test", 15 out of 29 products were rated "very good". "Above all, the controversial fragrance Lilial prevents a better grade," the magazine writes. According to the experts, the reason for the frequent use of the lily of the valley substance is clear: “Because many noses like it!” But Lilial is not as harmless as its spring-like scent suggests.

Shrinking testicles and stillbirths
Lilial was included in eight products, while in two others it could not be verified by the laboratory, but has been declared on the packaging by the manufacturers. The fragrance can not only trigger allergies, but has also been shown to be toxic to reproduction in animal experiments.

For example, a BASF study from 2006 showed that ingestion of lilial led to shrinking testicles in male rats and stillbirth in females. No wonder that Lilial is at least controversial.

In August 2015, the scientific advisory committee of the EU Commission came to the conclusion, according to the “Öko-Test”, that the use of both washable cosmetics and cosmetics that remained on the skin was “not safe”.

Skin becomes more permeable to foreign substances
In addition to Lilal, other critical substances were found in some products. Among others, the halogen organic compound chlorphenesin, PEG / PEG derivatives and also paraffins.

“The latter are petroleum fats that do not integrate into the skin's balance as well as natural oils. PEG / PEG derivatives make them more permeable to foreign substances. Chlorphenesin is considered to cause allergies, ”said the testers.

Propylparaben, which is suspected of being hormonally active, was also found. "Nobody should get their hands on so many critical substances," says Öko-Test. (ad)

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