First patient in Germany with permission to grow cannabis

First patient in Germany with permission to grow cannabis

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The Federal Institute for Drugs (BfArM) has given the first patient permission to grow his own cannabis medicine, as the IACM reports today. The patient, whom the Federal Administrative Court granted the right to grow on April 6 this year, had to wait a long time. But now the time has come, he can officially grow!

It will be the first hemp plants in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany to be legally grown to care for patients.

The approval is limited until June 30, 2017. The federal government apparently wants to withdraw it if the patient is no longer in an emergency. The health insurers are planning to pay for the cost of hemp flowers in the event of serious illnesses next year.

However, the cultivation of hemp plants is also planned on a large scale, so that the first few plants will be followed by thousands in licensed facilities.

In addition, the BfArM will presumably allow a few other patients to grow their own, since the authority has announced that it will issue further permits in similar cases.

The German Hemp Association generally advocates the right of patients to grow their own medicine if they so wish. (pm)

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