Natural teeth protection: Beetroot juice helps prevent tooth decay

Natural teeth protection: Beetroot juice helps prevent tooth decay

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Protection against tooth decay: beetroot juice ensures better oral hygiene
Brushing your teeth regularly is the best protection against tooth decay, gingivitis and toothache. Other factors, such as nutrition, also play an important role in oral hygiene. A study has now shown that beetroot juice can protect against tooth decay.

Beetroot juice inhibits bacterial growth
Caries is one of the most common infectious dental diseases and can lead to discoloration, toothache or even tooth loss. Nothing prevents so-called “tooth decay” as well as regular brushing. But certain natural remedies can also help prevent tooth decay. For example, the consumption of beetroot juice inhibits the growth of caries bacteria, as Austrian researchers have found.

"Dragon Potion" against tooth decay
Last year, scientists at the University of Applied Sciences in Wels, Austria, reported that a special beet drink should help against tooth decay by curbing the uncontrolled growth of lactic acid bacteria in the mouth. Together with Voglsam GmbH, the researchers analyzed various types of healthy vegetables and finally developed the “dragon potion” from a suitable variety and other fruit juice components.

The company had commissioned a study, the results of which have now been published in the specialist magazine "Nitric Oxide".

A positive effect on dental health
According to a message from the company, the researchers administered 46 test subjects over a period of four weeks each with nitrate-rich beetroot juice or a placebo. The nitrates contained in beetroot are converted from the saliva to nitrite, which combats the caries-causing bacteria and reduces their number.

Up to 28 days after stopping the nitrate-containing juice, its positive effect on the dental health of the test subjects could be determined. “The largest infectious disease in the world can be minimized by eating nitrate-containing foods. We were impressed by the results of the study ourselves, ”explained CEO Josef Voglsam.

Other vegetables also contain a lot of nitrate
Other vegetables are apparently just as effective as beetroot. German researchers recently reported in the journal "Journal of Clinical Periodontology" that the nitrate contained in various vegetables can significantly improve the course of chronic gum infections. Varieties such as rocket, spinach and Swiss chard therefore contribute to good dental health. (ad)

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