Doctors warn: More and more patients die from blood poisoning

Doctors warn: More and more patients die from blood poisoning

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Sepsis: Experts warn of further increase in blood poisoning
Hardly any other disease is as underestimated as sepsis, also called blood poisoning. According to experts, it is the third leading cause of death in Germany. A global congress of sepsis professionals begins this week. The lectures are held online.

Sepsis is underestimated
Hardly any other disease in Germany is as underestimated as blood poisoning. Sepsis can affect not only people with a weakened immune system, there is also danger for healthy people. A small everyday accident is often enough.

Scientists have now warned of a further increase in sepsis diseases. According to a report by the dpa news agency, the chairman of the Global Sepsis Alliance, Konrad Reinhart, said in Jena that the rate of sepsis in the industrialized nations has risen steadily over the past few years.

More clarification is required
"In the meantime, more people are dying from sepsis there than from colon and breast cancer," said Reinhart, who for many years was head of the Clinic for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine at the University Hospital Jena (UKJ).

Experts have long been calling for more information on hygiene issues, vaccination programs for high-risk patients, and better training for medical personnel in order to recognize sepsis and treat it correctly. According to experts, an international sepsis register must also be set up.

Flu-like symptoms
Because the symptoms resemble those of flu, sepsis is often not easy to spot. Symptoms that can occur with a disease include fever, chills, accelerated pulse, faster breathing, lower blood pressure and rapid heartbeat. Sick people often feel exhausted and have restless sleep.

However, there are no clear signs of illness for blood poisoning, all symptoms can also indicate a different illness. However, if several of the signs appear together, you should go to a hospital emergency department if in doubt.

Third most common cause of death in Germany
Dangerous blood poisoning is life-threatening. As Reinhart explained years ago, "sepsis is the third leading cause of death in Germany". In an emergency, patients are sent to an intensive care unit, where they immediately receive an antibiotic. In addition, attempts are usually made to stabilize circulation and blood pressure so that the organs do not fail.

In addition, sepsis patients are also given large amounts of fluid via the veins and oxygen, and possibly medication. Heart, circulation and breathing must be constantly monitored and the focus of inflammation found in order to treat it.

Congress completely online
A global conference of sepsis experts will begin on Thursday, September 8th. The congress will take place entirely online. People who want to follow the lectures and discussion groups online can register for free. According to Reinhart, around 10,000 organizations and individuals have already registered. (ad)

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