Good heart health in children with parents who live longer

Good heart health in children with parents who live longer

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Study: Long-living parents indicate good children's health
A study by British scientists shows that children of aging parents also have a good chance of reaching old age. According to the researchers, the longevity of the parents is often accompanied by better heart health in the offspring.

Influences on our life expectancy
It has long been known that genes have a very significant impact on our life expectancy. You control a long life. Lifestyle also plays an important role in increasing life expectancy. Here it is usually advised to exercise regularly, to avoid being overweight, to eat a balanced diet without too much fat, salt and sugar and to stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.

British scientists are now reporting on another factor that can ensure a longer life: long-living parents.

Higher chances of survival from older parents
A new study by British scientists shows the effects that life expectancy of parents can have on their own health. "The longer our parents have lived, the longer we will probably live ourselves and the more likely we will be healthy in our 60s and 70s," write the researchers from the University of Exeter in a message published on "EurekAlert!" has been.

The research showed that our survival chances increase by 17 percent for every decade if at least one parent is older than 70.

Predict your own risk for cardiovascular diseases
A team of scientific institutes and universities from England, the United States, France and India participated in the study, led by scientists from the University of Exeter. According to the experts, evidence was found for the first time that knowledge of the parents' age of death helps to predict their own risk of cardiovascular diseases. The study results were recently published in the journal "the Journal of the American College of Cardiology".

To arrive at their findings, the scientists analyzed data from a total of 186,000 participants from Great Britain who were between 55 and 73 years old. They found that subjects such as heart disease, heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and atrial fibrillation were less common in subjects whose parents lived longer. This was also true when considering factors such as smoking, high alcohol consumption, low physical activity and obesity (obesity).

Take health into your own hands
Lead author Luke C. Pilling told Reuters: "These insights are important because they show us that knowing our parents' age also gives us information about our own risk of death and disease." Of course, that doesn't mean that the offspring of parents who died early will also die young. They can very well improve their health.

"According to current recommendations, people can take their health into their own hands by being physically active, eating balanced and not smoking," said Pilling. Cardiologist Dr. not involved in the study Nisha Parikh of the University of California said, according to Reuters, "If you have a parent who died early, it could be a reason to go to a doctor to have cardiovascular risk factors examined and treated, if necessary. "(Ad)

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