Salmonella contaminated: Aldi Nord calls back onion sausage

Salmonella contaminated: Aldi Nord calls back onion sausage

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Discounter warns of consumption of the affected products
The discounter Aldi (North) is currently recalling the article "Tillman’s® Fresh Onion Meat Sausage" from the manufacturer “Tillman’s® Quality Butcher”. Salmonella had previously been detected in a sample of the sausage. These can lead to diarrhea and headaches, among other things, a disease can be very severe in older people and children.

Products have been taken out of sale
Recall from Aldi Nord: According to a customer information on the company's website, salmonella was found in a sample of onion sausage from the manufacturer "Tillman’s® Qualitätsmetzgerei". The affected products were therefore withdrawn from the sale in the interests of preventive consumer protection and should no longer be consumed.

According to the information, the product "Tillman’s® Fresh Onion Meat Sausage" is affected with the Best before date 23.08.2016. Anyone who has already bought this can bring it back to the branches and of course get the purchase price reimbursed, so that's the information.

Older people and children are particularly at risk
Salmonella are bacteria that most often get into the digestive tract of humans via food (e.g. raw meat, ice cream, mayonnaise) and multiply there. Typical symptoms of a Salmonella infection are sudden diarrhea, headache and abdominal pain, mild fever and vomiting. The disease is usually harmless in otherwise healthy patients. However, infants, young children, the elderly, and people with weakened defenses have a greatly increased risk of losing fluids and salts as a result of gastrointestinal complaints. (No)

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