Healthy corn pudding and churrasco from southern Brazil

Healthy corn pudding and churrasco from southern Brazil

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Healthy nutrition: corn pudding and churrasco from the south
In southern Brazil, local cuisine has been shaped by immigrants from different countries. The Portuguese roots are particularly evident in the specialties of the state of Minas Gerais. With the foreign culture, the cold-pressed olive oil came to Brazil. Beans with bacon, cassava flour, sweet desserts and caramel specialties are also common here. But particularly popular are "Pão de Quiejo" - small rolls made from tapioca flour and cheese.

"Cuzcuz" is also a specialty of the south: the salted corn pudding is prepared with vegetables, fruit or salad and boiled or grilled chicken. In addition there are hearty meat dishes, e.g. B. suckling pig as well as beef and game in all possible variations.

“Churrasco” dominates the kitchen of the Gaúchos: meat of various types is prepared on a skewer over an open coal fire and only sprinkled with coarse salt. Traditionally you eat it piece by piece with cassava flour, which absorbs the fat and gives each bite a special taste. A vinaigrette with chopped tomatoes and onions is served.

Sao Paulo is famous for its pizza, because the Italians too have immortalized their culinary delights in Brazil. They also brought wine, risotto, polenta and spaghetti to the sugar loaf country. Add to this the culinary influences of Japanese immigrants, who brought the local people closer to raw fish, stews and sushi.

On the coast you should try specialties made from fish and various seafood. In Rio de Janeiro, residents like to eat fried stockfish balls (Bolinho de bacalhau) whose taste is reminiscent of tuna. Crayfish, octopus, spiny lobster, oysters and fish are popular on the beaches of Santa Carina. Incidentally, the influence of German immigrants is also clearly noticeable there. Kasseler and Rheinischer Sauerbraten are served here. For dessert, many restaurants in southern Brazil have Black Forest cherry pie and apple strudel on the menu. Heike Kreutz, aid

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