Processed urine beer? New beer is to be brewed from filtered urine

Processed urine beer? New beer is to be brewed from filtered urine

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Belgian scientists project: Beer from filtered urine
Scientists from the University of Ghent collected the urine from visitors at a large festival, filtered it and then used it to brew beer. The project should not only serve to better manage wastewater problems in the future, but could also benefit developing countries with little water.

Human urine beer
Beer is high on the list of Germans' favorite drinks. Barley juice is also very popular in neighboring Belgium. The country is known for its very special varieties, which are not necessarily produced according to the so-called "purity law". In addition, there is now beer from human urine. The idea came from scientists at the University of Ghent. The necessary excretions were collected at a big party.

Excretions caught by festival goers
A few weeks ago, the University of Ghent announced in a message that it would soon be possible to try beer made from human urine. Researchers at the university had collected visitors' urine at a festival, filtered it using special equipment, and delivered the water obtained to a brewery that used it to brew beer. At the festival they had put up posters next to urinals that said: “Piss for science!”. Indeed, the project is about scientific work and not an unsavory joke.

Pure water and concentrated fertilizer
According to Professor Arne Verliefde, pure water is obtained from the urine after the filtering process and concentrated fertilizer from the filter. This would be a great asset for dry and poor regions of the world, since a great many farmers in developing countries have little access to fertilizers or sufficient water. The Belgian scientists have been experimenting with appropriate technology for a long time. Last year, the university reported on a beer that was obtained from waste water.

Filter system can be operated with solar energy
According to the information, the Belgian filter system can be operated with solar energy. As a result, it could also be used in technologically underdeveloped areas. According to Professor Verliefde, an average person produces about 700 liters of urine a year. This could be used to produce fertilizer for a field with 130 kilos of corn. With the beer tap, the researchers want to draw attention to their project. However, they are not the only scientists who produce beer from excretions.

Environmental pollution
Last year at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, thousands of visitors stored the urine in tanks and then used it as fertilizer, the English Guardian reported. The initiative, which is under the motto “From piss to pilsner”, is aimed primarily against environmental pollution. According to Leif Nielsen from the Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC), visitors to the festival in Roskilde 2017 could be served beer brewed from ingredients that were fertilized with their own urine. (ad)

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