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Toilet glasses infections STDs are transmitted through toilets

Toilet glasses infections STDs are transmitted through toilets

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Sit on public toilets? Many of us, especially women, find this disgusting and are also afraid to become infected with venereal diseases. Is this fear justified?

Sitting alone is not dangerous
The sensitive skins around the vagina are easily infected, but the toilet seat does not come into direct contact with the genital area, says gynecologist Christian Albring. Sexual diseases would not be transmitted through normal skin on the legs and buttocks. However, droplets on the toilet seat that get into the vagina could transmit the germs. The increase in venereal diseases in Germany is probably not due to sitting on other toilet glasses.

Washing hands helps
So even if various pathogens of venereal diseases haunt around in public toilets, they rarely reach the female genital area from the toilet seat.

The most common way to get infected with germs in public toilets is often forgotten: namely, they get into the body via the hands. Touching a doorknob and then eating sweets does not seem as disgusting as sitting in a strange toilet, but this is how we put the pathogens directly into our mouths. So wash your hands with soap and water after going to the toilet and don't fumble in the mouth on the toilet - this will avoid many infections.

Wrong guess
While it is true that we become infected with diseases in public toilets, and some who suffer from an STD after a trip remembers unsanitary toilets. But the germ probably did not enter the body through the toilet seat.

Washing always helps?
Even those who wash themselves in public toilets can catch pathogens, namely if they use the same bar soaps or cloths as hundreds of others before. Prefer disposable towels and soap dispensers or your own handkerchiefs. Washing hands is the most important hygiene rule. (Utz Anhalt)

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