Addictive: A gambling addiction usually comes to a head in three phases

Addictive: A gambling addiction usually comes to a head in three phases

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Seek help early: gambling addiction often comes to a head
As with other addictions, people with a gambling addiction initially think they have everything under control. But the occasional fun often turns out to be doom very quickly. Those affected should definitely seek help at an early stage.

Half a million Germans are affected by gambling addiction
More and more people are concerned about the great addiction of gambling. According to an older study on pathological gambling and epidemiology (PAGE), around 500,000 people in Germany are affected by gambling addiction. Tens of thousands of people are at risk. According to experts, those affected can often be helped through therapy with psychotherapeutic conversations and group work. However, there is no cure, since gambling addiction is a chronic disease.

Seek help as quickly as possible
If people are very attracted to gambling, they should seek help as quickly as possible. If the attraction has already become an addiction, it becomes extremely difficult to give up playing again. This was announced by the Swiss Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (SGPP). According to the specialist portal "", Dr. Olivier Simon on behalf of the SGPP: “Serious tips for addictive behavior are when people are involved in gambling a lot - mentally reliving past gaming experiences, planning the next gambling and other activities and social relationships in favor of gambling . "

Avoid seduction from the outset
“These people should definitely get help early, for example by going to a counseling center for gambling addiction. Those affected or their relatives can get information there and, if necessary, take advantage of professional help, ”said the expert. A first step could be to avoid seduction from the outset. For example, players can have themselves blocked at casinos. A limitation on financial resources - for example, through access restrictions to accounts or the bank card - can also be considered. In addition, as mentioned at the beginning, psychotherapeutic measures are available, for example to identify the triggers for the behavior and to help those affected to learn how to deal with these situations differently.

Gambling addiction develops in three phases
According to the so-called diagnosis classification system ("International Classification of Diseases") of the World Health Organization (WHO) - called ICD - "pathological gaming" is defined as F63.0. This coding belongs to the impulse disturbances. The respective urgent actions are consciously experienced, but it is very difficult to prevent them on their own initiative. As a rule, gambling addiction develops in three phases: First, players mostly limit their activities to leisure time and make up for losses. However, knowledge about the game and risk taking is increasing at the same time. In the subsequent loss phase, the game intensity increases, the players then need higher winnings to compensate for the habituation effects. There are often first family and financial problems. In the third phase (“despair phase”), according to Dr. Simon "practically no control is possible anymore and gambling has become the center of life". (ad)

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