Jackfruit: exotic and fibrous meat substitute

Jackfruit: exotic and fibrous meat substitute

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Vegetarian meat substitute: fibrous consistency makes it meat-like
When talking about the jackfruit, most consumers have a big question mark on their foreheads. Rightly so, because this exotic fruit is not yet so well known in this country. As the largest tree fruit in the world, the jackfruit grows in many tropical countries, especially in Southeast Asia. When it is ripe, it weighs up to 30 kg. You can hardly get ripe sweet fruits here - and if they do, there are pieces of pulp as canned fruit or dried fruit.

It is interesting: You can also eat the unripe fruit. In this state of ripeness, the pulp has a very fibrous consistency (similar to chicken meat) and is tasteless. These seem to be good conditions for a meat replacement product. The immature jackfruit is offered here in brine, canned and as a convenience product with and without marinade or sauce. Both variants can be processed like meat.

The jackfruit tastes e.g. B. as sliced ​​meat, goulash, meatball, pulled jackfruit, in curries, burgers, tacos and serves as a basic ingredient for spreads and dips.
Since the fruit and the products have very long transport routes behind them, organic goods and manufacturers who have committed themselves to sustainable production concepts should be preferred. Hedda Thielking, resp

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