Interview: If you don't want to have children, you can also visit the dentist

Interview: If you don't want to have children, you can also visit the dentist

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Why a visit to the dentist can have a positive impact on fertility

When it takes a long time to fulfill their desire to have children, couples often search desperately for possible causes. In many cases, they focus on hormone levels and the reproductive system. However, many do not know that the condition of the teeth also affects fertility. Dr. Stephan Ziegler, head dentist and founder of the KU64 dental practice in Berlin, explains why couples who do not wish to have children should also be checked at the dentist.

Hidden danger

Inflammation weakens the entire body and can prevent pregnancy from starting. According to the "Fifth German Oral Health Study", almost half of all adults in Germany hide such an illness - the so-called periodontitis it is rarely noticed by those affected.

Only in the advanced stage does the gum recede visibly, the jawbone is broken down and in the worst case there is a risk of tooth loss. “Once the mouth is weakened, dangerous microorganisms penetrate the body through it. With an existing pregnancy, pathogens also spread in the amniotic fluid, which increases the risk of premature birth, ”says Dr. Ziegler.

Periodontitis can limit fertility

If women suffer from periodontitis, the likelihood of pregnancy decreases. In addition, it often takes longer for sick people to get pregnant than for healthy women. But it is not only the female gender that is affected: the fertility of men is also reduced, since bacteria reduce both sperm production and their quality. In most cases, however, the teeth are not the sole cause of the lack of baby happiness.

Dental treatment increases the chances of conception

To rule out that the unfulfilled desire to have children is related to the teeth, it makes sense for both partners to go to the dentist. If periodontitis is present, it uses various methods depending on the severity of the disease: while in mild cases, professional tooth cleaning is sufficient to free the mouth from harmful germs, antibiotics are used in the advanced stage.

After successful treatment, the chances that the desire to have children will come true will increase. “By the way, if the pregnancy worked, women should have regular check-ups at the dentist. Because hormone changes change the nature of the gums and favor the development of periodontitis, ”explains Dr. In conclusion, Ziegler.

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