Use fruits and vegetables completely?

Use fruits and vegetables completely?

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From leaf to root: use everything for fruit and vegetables?
It is the power of habit: those who prepare fresh fruit and vegetables throw, for example, carrot greens, celery leaves, cucumber peels and pumpkin seeds into the trash. "Much too good to be thrown away," say the supporters of the new trend "From Leaf to Root". Translated, this means "from leaf to root". The idea is not to simply throw away edible parts of fruit and vegetables such as bowls, leaves, roots and stems, but to use them. In the meantime, cookbooks deal exclusively with this topic, and there are recipe suggestions on the Internet for how to use melon peels and avocado seeds. Some people wrinkle their noses and ask themselves: is that possible?

In fact, vegetable waste can be avoided simply by avoiding peeling in some types of fruit and vegetables. So you can eat cucumber, carrot, parsnip, radish and kiwi fruit after washing them thoroughly with their skins. For example, chips can be prepared from the leaves of savoy cabbage and kale. Vegetable scraps such as onions, celery, carrots, fennel, radishes, leeks or mushrooms can be used for a vegetable broth: To do this, collect the remnants in freezer bags in the freezer until there is enough for one pot of broth. Pumpkin seeds and papaya seeds, if properly processed, are also edible.

But are all parts of the plant harmless to health? Professor Dr. Sabine Kulling from the Max Rubner Institute (MRI) advises caution: »Parts of plants such as carrot green or kohlrabi leaves have so far been little examined for residues, since they are not expected to be consumed as food. It cannot therefore be ruled out that they may be contaminated with pesticides or other undesirable substances. «

It is also questionable what influence the method of preparation has on the plant's own compounds. It is known that raw green beans contain toxic substances that are destroyed during cooking and are then harmless. However, such properties are not (yet) known from all components of all types of fruit and vegetables. Therefore: If you want to try the stem, stem & Co., you should inform yourself well in advance. Hedda Thielking, resp

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