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Wild garlic

Wild garlic

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Wild garlic is a so-called wild vegetable that is relatively widely processed in the local forests, especially in southern Germany. Bear's garlic is not only ideal for use in the kitchen, but is also known in naturopathy as a medicinal plant that can be used against a wide variety of complaints. For example, wild garlic relieves high blood pressure, prevents atherosclerosis, lowers cholesterol and works against harmful intestinal fungi and other intestinal diseases.

Caution, confusion

Caution should be exercised when collecting wild garlic, as laypeople often mistake it for the poisonous lily of the valley and autumn timeless, which are also found in native forests. Even small quantities can be fatal in autumn timeless ones. Signs of poisoning include symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, cramps, cardiovascular problems and blood in the stool, which appear a few hours after consumption. A good indication of the distinction is the typical garlic smell that wild garlic develops when rubbed between the fingers. (fp)

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