Brain performance: Enjoying tea quickly promotes our creativity

Brain performance: Enjoying tea quickly promotes our creativity

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Doctors are studying how tea consumption affects general creativity

Do you sometimes have problems finding creative ways to solve a problem, or do you even feel like you're generally not particularly creative? Then there could be an easy solution to your problem. Just drink more tea. Researchers found that consuming tea increases creativity.

In their current study, Peking University scientists found that tea consumption has a positive impact on general creativity. The researchers published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Food Quality and Preference".

Does tea just wake you up or does consumption really affect creativity?

If people run out of creative ideas in everyday life, for example at work, those affected should perhaps try to drink more tea. The favorite drink of the British seems to really increase general creativity, according to experts. But what is the explanation for this effect? Here it is reasonable to assume that caffeine contains the increased creativity because the tea drinkers simply become more alert and lively. But the effect cannot be explained so easily.

Researchers are studying the effects of tea consumption on 50 subjects

The study, entitled "Drinking tea improves the performance of divergent creativity" comprises two different experiments. A total of 50 students took part in the study, who were on average 23 years old. In both experiments, the participants were initially divided into two groups. One group drank only water, the other group received tea as a drink. It was observed that the subjects from the tea-drinking group were generally more creative.

Tea consumption actually improves creativity in various experiments

In the first experiment, the doctors used a task in which the participants had to build the most creative possible construction out of blocks. This is how creativity should be checked in terms of spatial perception.

The results showed that the subjects drinking tea had better spatial creativity in the ten minutes immediately after consuming tea compared to the participants who consumed tea. The second attempt was about a creative naming for a restaurant. The aim was to check how tea consumption affects creativity in so-called semantic tasks. Here, too, the results of the study showed that people drinking tea achieved higher scores in these tasks.

Effect occurs immediately after drinking tea

Regarding the effects, however, it should be noted that all the results found occurred in the ten minutes immediately after consuming the tea, the authors say. This effect occurs so quickly that active ingredients such as caffeine and theanine cannot take effect during this time. Caffeine-containing drinks such as coffee or so-called energy drinks were not examined in the study. However, creativity is not the same as the stimulating effect of these drinks, the experts explain.

Drink more tea to get more creative

Overall, there was a clear promotion of creativity through tea consumption. So if you need a creative solution to existing problems, just make yourself a tea, enjoy the drink and try to solve the problem again immediately after consumption. (as)

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