Tips for the festive season: get through Christmas without a hangover

Tips for the festive season: get through Christmas without a hangover

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Alcohol on the holidays: How to celebrate Christmas without a hangover

Mulled wine, eggnog, sparkling wine: Christmas is often not only feasted extensively, but is also often used for alcoholic beverages. The high alcohol consumption endangers health. Experts give tips on how to keep your alcohol limit on the holidays and avoid a nasty hangover.

Responsible use of alcohol

Every year the Christmas season is associated with great stress for some livers: On many occasions, people like to look too deep into the glass - whether at the mulled wine stand, at the Christmas party with friends or colleagues or in families. High alcohol consumption is poison for the body. The consequences: a hum, dizziness, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. But that need not be. Experts provide tips on how to deal responsibly with alcohol at Christmas time.

Enjoyment is of course allowed

Mulled wine, eggnog, sparkling wine: For many, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is part of feasting at Christmas.

"Enjoyment is of course allowed," said the Federal Government's Drugs Commissioner, Marlene Mortler, in a communication from the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA).

"However, everyone should be aware that on festive days and otherwise it is best to keep your alcohol limit - for the sake of the family and yourself."

Heavy stress on the stomach and cardiovascular system

"The numerous festive occasions at the end of the year can easily tempt you to lose the right amount when it comes to alcohol consumption," said Dr. med. Heidrun Thaiss, head of the BZgA.

“Since the liver plays the main role in the breakdown of alcohol, this organ is particularly stressed by high alcohol consumption. But other organs such as the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system can also be heavily loaded, ”said the expert.

“If you want to toast and celebrate in society, you can therefore choose non-alcoholic alternatives, whether for Christmas or New Year's Eve. Saying "No thanks" to alcohol is not rude, but an expression of self-determination and self-esteem. "

Avoid hangovers

In order to keep the health burden on Christmas days low and to avoid a so-called "hangover", some tips from the BZgA should be observed:

Do not quench your thirst with alcoholic beverages. Instead, opt for non-alcoholic variants. A glass of mineral water on crushed ice and lemon or a refreshing fruit juice spritzer are suitable for this.

Consciously focus on enjoyment and take your time. If you drink hastily, you can be surprised by the effects of alcohol. Another advantage: If you drink slowly, always hold a glass in your hand and you won't get a new one right away.

Orientate yourself to people who drink alcoholic beverages slowly but still have fun - and sometimes say "No" to the next glass.

Drink something non-alcoholic from time to time.

Just stop at "drinking rounds". Leave a rest in the glass, which saves you unnecessary explanations and signals: I am still well taken care of!

Do not use alcoholic beverages if you do not feel like it.

Vitamin C and exercise in the fresh air

But if it does get a little too much alcohol, some home remedies for hangovers can help the next day. Sour cucumbers, for example, can compensate for alcohol-related mineral losses.

Vitamin C is a good home remedy for headaches. This promotes the formation of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which in turn dampens the headache.

Vitamin C also helps the liver break down alcohol. It is therefore advisable to eat vitamin C-rich fruit such as oranges or kiwi right after celebrating or at the latest at breakfast.

Last but not least, the hangover should not be "sat out" on the couch. After breakfast a short walk is recommended. Exercise in the fresh air activates the metabolism and circulation and helps to feel fit again faster. (ad)

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