Medical President demands: No invasive interventions by alternative practitioners

Medical President demands: No invasive interventions by alternative practitioners

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The President of the German Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, says, according to the Tagesspiegel: "In order to avert danger to the population, one should actually abolish the profession of alternative practitioner." At least one should forbid non-medical practitioners all invasive interventions and cancer treatments.

In the future, alternative practitioners will undergo a uniform examination. The individual federal states currently regulate the admission to alternative practitioners differently.

Montgomery fears fake packs
Montgomery says, according to Tagesspiegel: "If the exam graduates were given the pseudo seal of a state-certified alternative practitioner, we thought it was a very gross patient disappointment." Because this test would not even correspond to the qualification of a medical professional.

Agree with the decisions of the medical day
In May 2017, the 120th German Medical Day had already required lawmakers to exclude alternative practitioners from all invasive measures and cancer treatment.

Send the sick to the doctor
According to the doctors' day, non-medical practitioners would have to send the sick to the doctor, whose suffering went beyond mental disorders.

No health professional
The delegates of the Medical Day clearly said that alternative practitioners are not a health professional. Alternative practitioners are outside of the otherwise clearly defined professional qualifications for patient care in healthcare. This activity outside of applicable standards and recognized mechanisms of action characterize alternative practitioners.

Comprehensive reform required
The “Münsteraner Kreis”, an association of doctors and scientists, calls for a comprehensive reform of the medical practitioner profession. So far, naturopaths have only had to ensure that their work poses no health risk in order to be recognized.

Wrong impression
According to the doctors and scientists, this would give the wrong impression that alternative practitioners are an alternative to doctors with a degree. The expert demand is: professionalize, control or abolish the alternative practitioner profession.

Dead after “alternative cancer therapy”
The topic of "naturopath and cancer therapy" hit the headlines in 2016 when several people died shortly after a naturopath from the "Biological Cancer Center Bracht" treated them with "alternative methods". The person responsible was notified of negligent killing and negligent bodily harm.

Practices widespread when prohibited are no longer possible
If alternative practitioners are no longer allowed to use invasive methods, common treatments in the alternative practitioner scene fell flat today: First of all, infusion therapies with oxygen, ozone or autologous blood, but also, for example, neural therapy. Naturopaths would no longer have any business in surgery.

No possibility for quality controls?
According to the doctors' day, quality controls for naturopaths are not possible at all. Without generally accepted quality standards, there would be no basis for quality controls. The naturopaths lack such a standard. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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