Health: Four cups of coffee every day protect against cancer

Health: Four cups of coffee every day protect against cancer

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Scientists are studying the protective effect of coffee against diseases

There have been many reports of the positive effects of coffee consumption in the past. A few years ago, researchers still said that coffee consumption was in no way beneficial to human health. Now, however, any ambiguities about coffee are cleared up and doctors confirm that coffee is a healthy food with many positive effects.

The University of Southhampton researchers found that if coffee is not exaggerated, coffee is healthy and can have many positive effects on human health. The experts published the results of their investigation in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Researchers analyze 201 observational studies and 17 clinical studies

In the past, coffee drinkers often heard that it was better not to drink as much of the caffeinated drink as this would harm their health. However, the current study found that eating four to five cups of coffee a day is not harmful to health if the coffee drinker is not pregnant or has no increased risk of broken bones. For their large-scale analysis, the scientists evaluated a total of 201 observational studies and 17 clinical studies.

Coffee benefits health more than it harms

The analysis currently being carried out is by no means the first scientific study to indicate the positive effects of coffee consumption. In their work, the doctors come to the conclusion that coffee is more beneficial to health than harm. Other so-called meta studies have shown similar results in the past.

Which ingredients lead to a protective effect?

There are about a thousand biochemical ingredients that roasted coffee contains. So far, however, it is unclear which of these ingredients lead to protective effects for health. The studies to date have not been able to determine which mechanisms are behind the positive effects found.

Coffee can protect against various forms of cancer

In their analysis, the scientists noticed that many of the ingredients contained in coffee or consumed with the drink did not significantly reduce the positive effects of coffee. This includes, for example, the sugar that is often consumed with coffee. Smoking is a major exception when it comes to influencing the protective effect of coffee. If coffee drinkers do not smoke, coffee is fully useful for minimizing the risk of numerous widespread diseases. These include various forms of cancer, such as prostate cancer, skin cancer and liver cancer. But type 2 diabetes, gout, certain cirrhosis of the liver and gallstones are also affected by the consumption of coffee.

Coffee consumption has a positive effect on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

Coffee also seems to have a positive impact on some neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. For many of the diseases mentioned, but not for all of them, a protective effect could also be determined by the regular consumption of decaffeinated coffee, the scientists explain.

The safe maximum daily dose of caffeine is around 400 milligrams

Now some coffee drinkers are faced with the question of how much coffee should be consumed per day in order to benefit from the protective effects of coffee. According to the medical experts, the recommended safe maximum daily dose is around 400 milligrams of caffeine. In other words, coffee seems to be not only a tasty, but also a safe and healthy food. Certainly, the consumption of coffee is not really therapeutic, but a certain protective effect can certainly be determined, add the doctors. (as)

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