End-of-life care also with naturopathy

End-of-life care also with naturopathy

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Accompaniment at the end of life
Dying is one of the major taboo subjects in society. Naturopathy offers a wide range of positive support for this topic in particular. The book is intended to help laypeople as well as specialists who are confronted with dying to give loving support to a person affected in the last course.

Life begins with birth and ends with death. It is the poles that make the existence in between possible. As with childbirth, we also need help in the dying process.

Using herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, massages and other naturopathic applications, solution processes can be facilitated and the feeling of acceptance, understanding and help given to the departing person in the past weeks, days and hours.

The Germann couple, naturopaths and herbalists with a wealth of experience, dealt intensively with the subject of death and wrote a book with many help, tips and natural applications for those affected, as well as relatives, carers and therapists. The explanations of the hospice specialist Tanja Kapell with practical applications complement the topic in the nursing field. The shaman Xenia Fitzner and the geomancer Jutta Watzlawik contribute with their spiritual knowledge that this book does justice to a dying process on all levels.

Witness-Germann Gudrun, Germann Peter: End-of-life support
Linz: Freya Verlag, 2017
Hardcover, 304 pp. 24.90 EUR, ISBN: 978-3-99025-305-2

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