Bacteria sprays instead of daily showering?

Bacteria sprays instead of daily showering?

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Bacteria spray instead of showering?

The “motherdirt” spray is supposed to take the place of the shower. The bacterial spray comes on the market this year, and the living cultures of the bacteria imitate the mud bath of the animals. But experts are critical. Should such a spray actually reduce daily washing or make it superfluous?

Sweat smell despite spray?

However, subjects reported that they smelled of sweat. The scientist Cord Sunderkötter from Halle confirms this because the bacteria turned ammonia into sweat.

Remedies for skin diseases?

The manufacturers also advertise their remedy for psoriasis, acne or atopic dermatitis, but this does not explain why people in the early modern age also had these diseases, although they did not shower or use soap.

No shower in 12 years

David Whitlock, the inventor of the spray, set an example himself. According to his own statements, he hasn't showered in 12 years. Friends of the chemist say that his skin looks great and smells great. Whitlock relies on bacteria that live in the soil. These could neutralize harmful substances in the skin and thus prevent inflammation.

How did the chemist come up with the idea?

The idea came to him, Whitlock said, when he watched horses that had rolled in the dirt. He would have found evidence that they were doing this to groom their fur. In fact, many animals wallow in the mud, rhinos as well as pigs. They don't do this to be particularly dirty, but to remove parasites and take care of the skin.

The target is 1 billion users

The spray is now available in the US for around 44 euros. It should be clear and odorless, reports Whitlock's start-up AOBiome. Its goal is for a billion people to use the spray.

Shower daily?

A daily shower is part of the modern age, and only for the advanced capital states. Up until the 1960s, people in the country bathed in a tub of hot water about once a week.

Save water

Desert inhabitants have always used water sparingly. This is how the Paiute Indians in the southwest of the USA washed themselves dry: they cleaned themselves in sweat lodges and then rubbed the sweat off their bodies with sand or twigs. The Berbers in Morocco use a variety of fragrant earth, stones and plants as a deodorant or face mask.


Sweating displaces body odor like water. The “smell of sweat”, which we find unpleasant, arises from the body's degradation substances in old sweat. Fresh sweat like in the sauna wipes it away.

Indigenous peoples

Indigenous cultures like Tuareg or Navajo do not stink, although they hardly take a shower. However, they use powder, rub themselves with dry cloths or brush their teeth with medicinal plants.

Damaging showering?

Cord Sunderkötter is not only critical of Whitlock's spray, but also daily showering. This damages the skin's acid film. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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