Youngest breast cancer patient worldwide has won the fight against cancer

Youngest breast cancer patient worldwide has won the fight against cancer

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Shock diagnosis at the age of eight - girl defeats breast cancer

Chrissy Turner was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of eight, making her the youngest person ever diagnosed with breast cancer. Today she is ten years old and cancer-free thanks to the successful treatment. However, the breast tissue in the right breast was removed as part of the therapy and the doctors are currently planning to rebuild the breast.

When she was eight years old, Chrissy was diagnosed with secretory breast cancer, a rare form of the disease that accounts for only about one percent of all breast cancers, the Daily Mail reports. After the shock diagnosis, the girl underwent a mastectomy, in which the breast tissue from her right breast was completely removed to prevent the disease from spreading. Two years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, 10-year-old Chrissy Turner is happy and cancer-free today.

Increased family cancers

Before Chrissy reached puberty, doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer. Her parents had also suffered from various types of cancer, the father recently had non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, which had returned after Chrissy's surgery. He was also able to overcome his illness and since then the family has been spared further cancer diagnoses. “Chrissy's life has largely returned to normal. However, she continues to go for a check-up every three to four months, ”reports Daily Mail.

Normal breast development cannot be achieved

Chrissy no longer has cancer today, but her breast will never develop normally because all breast tissue has been removed. "A little over a month ago, Chrissy therefore had her first appointment with a plastic surgeon to come up with a plan for the reconstruction of her left breast," said the British daily. The risk of cancer of the left breast also remains, which is why regular checkups are still essential for Chrissy. (fp)

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