Obesity: number of patients in adults increases sharply

Obesity: number of patients in adults increases sharply

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More and more people suffer from obesity
The IKK Südwest notes that more and more people suffer from pathological obesity, especially often women in their mid-40s. This has resulted in an evaluation of the number of cases from the federal states of Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. In children, countermeasures should be taken early on and physical activity incentives recommended by the doctor from Bad Kreuznach, Dr. with Johannes Oepen. He speaks of "joy of exertion".

An increasing number of adults suffer from the nutritional and metabolic disease obesity, reports the IKK Südwest after an evaluation with insured persons in its area of ​​distribution. Within six years, the number of obesity cases in the three federal states rose unexpectedly sharply to 46% (2010: 150.107 // 2016: 220.299). Insureds from the Saarland (+ 54%) gained the most, followed by the Rhineland-Palatinate (+ 46%) and the Hesse (+ 42.5%). Mostly it is women in their mid-40s who suffer from this disease (63%). In men, the diagnosis is often made only in the late 40s / early 50s.
The situation among children has narrowed slightly: 6% of all cases listed at the IKK concern children under the age of 18, but between 2010 and 2016 there were around 2% fewer diagnoses of obesity in the entire range. This is particularly noticeable in Saarland, where the IKK reports a 10% decline (Rhineland-Palatinate: - 7%, Hesse: - 3%). More than half of the children affected are eleven-year-old girls.

There is no one reason for being overweight and obese - the causes are usually a combination of a genetic predisposition and an unhealthy lifestyle. "Obese people often have a diet that is too high in fat and calories and do not exercise enough," explains Marie-Louise Conen, Health Promotion Officer at the IKK Südwest, "psychological factors such as stress or frustration also favor this disease". For Dr. med. Johannes Oepen is the lack of movement the crux of the matter: "The balance between nutrition and exercise is no longer correct, today inactivity is too often part of lifestyle," warns the specialist for pediatric and adolescent medicine in Bad Kreuznach and board member of the Rhineland-Palatinate obesity network . Not moving or moving too little is a vicious circle: “Obesity is a disease of inactivity. The more inactive I am, the more likely I find activity to be stressful. ”That is why his clear recommendation to all parents is:“ Teach your children to exert themselves, then a lot will be gained! ”

Obesity (Latin adeps = fat) is characterized by an increase in body fat that goes beyond normal and has pathological effects. The World Health Organization (WHO) speaks of obesity with a body mass index of over 30. The disease can cause life-threatening complications such as high blood pressure, calcification of the coronary arteries (coronary heart disease), diabetes 2 or cancer.

Obesity has been recognized as a chronic disease since 1997 and is a rapidly growing health risk worldwide. To prevent overweight and obesity, the IKK recommends measures in the areas of nutrition, exercise and coping with stress. IKK-insured can choose individually quality-tested courses from the prevention offers. Under the motto "Prevention is better than cure", insured persons of the IKK Südwest are allowed to use their annual prevention budget of 150 euros for health courses or health trips.

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