Important checklist after birth: What does the baby really need?

Important checklist after birth: What does the baby really need?

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Babies need love and air to breathe, but also a lot more. Fresh parents find themselves exposed to an ocean of “good advice”, which is said to be important for the little one. Here are the basics for the baby so that you can keep an overview.

Bassinet and baby bed
In the first few months it takes infant a baby bed of approximately 90 x 55 cm and a bassinet. The baby soon explores its surroundings and wants to go to bed with the parents, and the bassinet becomes too small. Tip: Look around for a used baby bed and bassinet.

The cot
The cot of 120 x 60 cm follows the baby bed and lasts until the age of two. Larger beds with 140 x 70 cm and removable bars can even serve as children's beds up to the age of six. Such beds are also very good second-hand, but you should buy a new mattress.

If you don't have a bath tub at home, get a baby bath. This is not “too tight”, because newborns feel safe within safe limits.

Or bathtub?
However, you can also bathe the baby in the large tub without any problems if you hold it in a limited area of ​​the tub. However, doctors warn: do not wash children in the bathtub every day.

The shoulder strap
A carrying strap or a sling are essential and extremely healthy for the baby. This posture on the breast side of the mother corresponds to the biological child seat of our human ancestors and even other primates, whose young cling to the mother's fur. The following also applies: carry babies on the body in cold weather

Versatile use
In contrast to a bassinet or carrycot, a sling can be used in a variety of ways when the little one gets bigger - as a tablecloth or top bed, as a shoulder or neck scarf.

Radiant heater?
Babies are more sensitive to heat and cold than adults. However, a radiant heater is only recommended for premature babies and winter children when the baby is changing, when the room is not heated. With a radiant heater you do not need a new product, it is important that it still works. Does an acquaintance give up his hobby “desert terrarium”? He would be happy to let you use his radiant heater, which is useless for him.

In addition to pampers, there are cloth diapers and ecologically sustainable diapers. When applying cream, make sure that the creams have as few additives as possible. For example, study Ökotest to check which means are suitable.

The stroller
The stroller is almost as important as the bed. There are prams that are used for babies and can be used until the second year without this use. Cotton is better than synthetic materials because it lets the air through and thus prevents colds in the baby. Stroller covers protect young children from air pollution.

Book tip - the first year. Our baby day after day
The eponymous guide by Ilona Bedefy provides an overview of all important questions about the baby in the months after the birth from breastfeeding to sleeping to baby diseases, baby education or the first solid food - based on child psychology, midwifery knowledge and child medicine. The collaboration between doctors and midwives provides tangible practical tips, for example on how to recognize and deal with baby's development spurts, or whether you should be pumping milk or using ready-made food. Bathing, changing, giving a bottle and breastfeeding are just as much a topic as playing. The advice for appropriate games for mothers and fathers is particularly valuable. “The first year” is a good support for the first year.

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