Bacteria: woman squeezed a pimple and almost died of it

Bacteria: woman squeezed a pimple and almost died of it

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Dangerous bacterial infection: woman almost died because she expressed "pimples"
Pimples and blackheads are usually unpleasant companions during puberty. Unfortunately, many supposed miracle cures do not help against the impurities and therefore the pimples are often simply expressed. A young American did the same. But that was a mistake: she ended up in the hospital with a life-threatening infection.

"Pimple" expressions with dangerous consequences
Blemishes are common among young people. Some cosmetic products and home remedies for pimples are available. Unfortunately, they don't always work. And so it happens that many affected people rumble in the face, although it is known that blackheads and purulent pimples should not be expressed. Even a young woman from the USA thought nothing of it when she put out an - alleged - pimple. But that almost cost her life.

Face swelled and ached
According to media reports, Austin, Texas' Katie Wright noticed a painful area on her eyebrows that looked like a pimple.

According to the young woman, the skin at this point had been pressed for some time. After she expressed the supposed pimple, everything got much worse.

"My entire face swelled and hurt within an hour," the young woman wrote on Twitter. "It felt like something was about to pop out of my skin."

The American therefore immediately went to a hospital. It was her great luck, because without treatment, the inflammation could have had dire consequences.

Bacterial infection on the face
In the emergency room it turned out that the supposed pimple was really a serious case of cellulite.

This bacterial infection usually affects the face. Katie had been infected with staph bacteria.

“Staphylococci are the cause of many infectious diseases in humans and animals. They can lead to food-borne poisoning as well as to infectious diseases, ”explains the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) on its website.

"They often cause purulent wound infections and other purulent infections in humans." For example, the bacteria are often responsible for inflammation in the nose.

Staphylococci can also lead to the so-called toxic shock syndrome.

Health experts are particularly concerned about multidrug-resistant strains, such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which are often resistant to antibiotics.

Life-threatening inflammation of the brain is feared
In Katie's case, the doctors feared that the infection could lead to life-threatening encephalitis (inflammation in the brain). They were also concerned about the patient's eyesight.

However, treatment with antibiotics quickly brought the disease under control

It remained unclear how the Texan had become infected. She assumes that her dirty eyebrow brushes were to blame.

The dermatologist Dr. However, Lisa Kellett explained on the "" portal: "The infection can be done using a make-up brush, but usually by hand contact."

Katie is now warning other women against expressing their pimples and keeping their make-up utensils clean. "I am not joking when I say that it is of the utmost importance," said the young woman.

However, your warnings are not entirely unselfish. Since her treatment cost thousands of dollars, she set up a donation campaign for herself on the crowdfunding page "". (ad)

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