Save the summer: of course prepare your own vinegar, jam and oil

Save the summer: of course prepare your own vinegar, jam and oil

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Vinegar from berries and herbs: so conserve the summer
Fruits and herbs from the garden taste best fresh. But the harvest time in summer is short. In order to enjoy them all year round, they must be preserved. One way is to make delicious vinegar out of it.

Fruits and herbs from the home garden
In addition to the warm temperatures, summer has another advantage: Now you can harvest and enjoy all the fresh fruits and herbs from the garden. They don't taste as tasty out of season anymore, but with the right preservation you can take the taste of summer with you into autumn and winter. One possibility: make fruity vinegar out of it.

Enjoy the harvest all year round
In the summer garden you can often harvest many healthy herbs to season. They taste best when you pick the leaves or styles and use them fresh. But the harvest can only be kept for a short time.

To preserve a bit of summer, you can dry the plants, freeze them or use them to make herbal oils.

The fruit from the garden can also be enjoyed all year round if properly preserved. Among other things, by making jam, jelly, syrup or juice from it.

Another option is to use fruits and herbs to prepare vinegar.

Vinegar made from berries or herbs
The Provincial Association of Rheinischer Obst- und Gemüsebauer (Bonn) also believes that now is the right time to preserve the sumptuous splendor of summer for the winter months.

"Because the abundance of fresh berries, but also herbs, can be kept extremely well so that fruity and spicy can be enjoyed even in winter", the experts write on their website.

A delicious vinegar can be made from both berry fruits and herbs. Simply let the fruit or herbs steep in white wine vinegar for a few weeks and then filter. This way, very individual flavors can be achieved.

And if you missed the season for your favorite fruits, you can take a look at the trust's direct-marketing fruit grower.

Because many farm shops offer vinegars from their own production - or liqueurs that can also be made with fruits or herbs from the garden itself.

The Provincial Association points out that the rum pot was a very popular form of fruit preservation in the 1970s and 1980s. "A wide variety of fruits were placed in rum and sugar and then enjoyed in the winter months." (Ad)

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